F.A.M.E 1st Annual Conference
Can the Accounting Science
Ensure the Sustainability
of the Planet?

Epirus University of Applied Sciences
F.A.M.E Global Society

Conference Themes & Topics


Finance and Society
Entrepreneurial Finance
Public and Corporate Finance
Behavioral Finance
International Finance

Accounting and Auditing

Accounting and Auditing for sustainability
Critical Approaches to Accounting and Auditing
Accountability, sustainability and ethics in public and non -profit sectors
National and Satellite Accounting
External, Internal Auditing
Taxation, Tax Evasion


Human Resources Management
Human Factors for Innovation
Management and Governance
Managing Emerging Technologies and Socio-Economic Impact
Organizational Behavior
Employee training, development, evaluation
Motivation, Leadership and Trust


Green Economy
Macroeconomic perspectives and Sustainability
Microeconomic perspectives and Sustainability
Economic development and Sustainability

General themes

Legal and Corruption
Public Organizations
Entrepreneurship and Academic Capital
Social Impact, Regional Development
Marketing and Communication for Society
Governance of Public and Non-Profit Organizations
Cultural Entrepreneurship and Arts Management
Business Ethics
Sustainable Land, Air and Maritime Transportation
Sustainable Tourism, Health, Education