F.A.M.E 1st Annual Conference
Can the Accounting Science
Ensure the Sustainability
of the Planet?

Epirus University of Applied Sciences
F.A.M.E Global Society

Welcome Address

Greetings from Organising Committee

Dear Colleagues,

It was a year ago that the Assembly of the Department of Accounting & Finance, University of Applied Sciences of Epirus (U.A.S. of Epirus), unanimously accepted my proposal for the organization of an International Conference on “Finance-Accounting-Management-Economics” (FAME) in cooperation with the respective departments of Accounting & Finance in U.A.S, with the aim of enhancing interdepartmental collaboration, promoting their research work and strengthening the position of U.A.S. in the sector of Higher Education. The conference will be held every year in a different city with the first event being organized in Preveza, in May 2017.

The establishment of the F.A.M.E. Conferences is affirmed with the appointment of «F.A.M.E. Global Society» as their permanent official Organizer.

The 1st Annual Conference is entitled:

“Can the Accounting Science Ensure the Sustainability of our Planet?”

The Science of Accounting is fundamental to the operation and development of societies in the 21st century. The way we measure – or not measure – our resources determines the way we assess the Earth and affects the way in which we act. If we do not start rendering an account of our ‘transactions’ with Earth, the Earth will ‘go bankrupt’ and so will the human presence on it.

The aim of the conference is to cast light on every single aspect of the negative consequences of overdevelopment, overproduction and overconsumption on the environment and humans, as well as to propose practices and theories applicable in all areas and levels of human activity associated with business activity and state welfare, and thus contribute to the improvement of quality of life and saving the planet from the inconsiderate human intervention of the last decades.

The main theme of the Conference is of both current and diachronic interest. It offers fertile ground for submitting concerns and proposals from different scientific perspectives, so as to ensure global sustainability.

I hereby invite you to participate and contribute to the designation of global and national problems and put forward proposals that will hopefully lead to their resolution.

Mihail N. Diakomihalis

Chairman of the Organizing Committee
1st F.A.M.E. Scientific Conference